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“Clothing That Will Be Appreciated as Vintage Wear in the Coming Decades”

Currently, the vast majority of leather jackets in Japan are either designed in a “faux vintage style” or as “jackets that sacrifice the intrinsic qualities of leather just to follow the latest fashion trends”.

Although vintage leather clothing is a most wonderful thing, since such items have been designed with stylistic values and techniques that date back several decades, it can hardly be said that they meet the current day clothing needs of the consumer.

Leather items designed by various apparel brands are offered in designs that meet the trends of that era, and the techniques used to make such items today have also been updated. While such pieces provide customers with clothing that matches present day needs, they are often designed to be replaceable after one season of use, and they are designed in a way that doesn’t take into consideration such things as “durability” and the “enjoyment of watching the item age as it adopts a new texture over time,” which incidentally are some of leather’s greatest advantages.

TRORSE LEATHER GARMENTS takes these two ideals that seem to be at odds with each other and balances them to offer the best of both worlds.

In addition to exhibiting durability, leather also possesses characteristics that make it a heavy and hard material.
At the time that such vintage pieces were made, it was difficult to eliminate such negative characteristics of the material, however, with the advance of modern tanning techniques, it is now possible to overcome them.

Our tanning techniques enable us to produce light weight and soft leather items, while still allowing them to maintain their durability and characteristic aging qualities, which enable them to mature over years of use.
Rather than focusing on clothing used for limited purposes, such as for motor sports, etc., our clothing patterns are designed to be worn on an everyday basis, with a particular focus placed on easy-to-wear comfort, and these patterns are adapted into classically designed pieces that aren’t simply following the latest fads or trends.
On top of that, our clothing is made using domestic materials and production processes making them 100% purely “made in Japan” leather products.

In this way, we are able to produce original leather jackets that incorporate modern fashion tastes, while being able to stand up to long years of regular usage, as they gracefully age and develop their natural patina.

Rather than simply mimicking the leather jacket styles from several decades past, TRORSE LEATHER GARMENTS fabricates leather jackets that will set the trend so that they will one day be emulated and followed several decades in the future.



TRORSE LEATHER GARMENTS mainly makes use of leather made in Himeji, one of the three largest areas of leather production in Japan.

In order to eliminate the negative qualities that are often closely associated with leather, such as “heaviness” and “hardness,” our leather is fabricated by a contracted tannery that makes custom made leather materials designed from the ground up.

None of the leather we use exhibits any textures like those found in inorganic materials like vinyl.
Our leather is designed so that its texture changes as it’s used over time, and as it gets broken in, the leather will fit the form of its owner even better, just like natural leather materials are supposed to.
Rather than using pigments to color our leather, we make use of dyeing, in order to preserve the qualities of the leather without adding any unnecessary processes.

Such leather has that unmistakable appearance of a material that was made from a living being, and it allows the user to truly understand what kind of material leather is meant to be, while at the same time exhibiting the ruggedness that allows it to stand up to heavy usage without having to rely on thick coats of paint to hide any of its imperfections.

Additionally, we also make use of the latest techniques to offer leather in colors that can’t be found in conventional styles of leather products, such as navy, khaki, white, etc., and we continue to update our techniques to improve dyeing, texture, and comfort for our leather products so long as those techniques don’t sacrifice the intrinsic qualities of the leather itself.











We source our zippers from Asahi Fastener Co., Ltd., a company in Mie Prefecture that has built up a solid reputation for resurrecting the WALDES zipper brand.
In addition to researching and reviving vintage zipper products, this company is also ambitiously blazing trails in the pursuit of groundbreaking new zipper designs. Their approach of paying the utmost respect to the aesthetically beautiful form found in vintage products of old, while at the same time not being hampered or limited by such tradition aligns with the path that we strive to follow here at TRORSE.
Not only do their zippers exhibit made in Japan quality, their zippers have been designed specifically to exhibit high performance in terms of zipper opening and closing noise, a characteristic that only the most demanding customers can distinguish, and their zippers possess a unique feel that results from their design that sacrifices all other qualities to focus on opening and closing functionality.

Lining cloth


We use domestically produced materials sourced from a textile manufacturer in Osaka.
Although cupra is most typically used for jacket linings, we make use of polyester due to its texture and vibrant colors that can’t be imitated with substitute materials.
Our jacket linings have been independently tested by a testing organization to evaluate their performance for more than 10 quality control standard test items, including such things as color fastness and tear strength, etc., in order to achieve the exceedingly meticulous level of quality demanded of products made in Japan.
Additionally, these linings are made of high-tech materials that have undergone a special treatment to suppress static electricity.



Excluding the buttons that we use for our snap fasteners, all of the buttons we use are antique parts that match the styles of each of the different colors and models of leather jackets that we offer. Although their color and shape, as well as their materials and country of origin will differ for each piece, each of them are carefully selected to match the design concept put forth by TRORSE.
At a bare minimum we require that the buttons we select exhibit the ruggedness needed to have already survived countless years of usage, in addition to the reliability that is required to continue to endure future use.
We only make use of those antique buttons that meet these 2 criteria, as an indication that these buttons will stand the test of time, as they endure an equal or greater amount of usage in the future, while they blend in to become one with the leather jacket, as the entire jacket ages gracefully into a timeless, vintage piece of clothing.

Made in JAPAN


What is “made in Japan?”

If an item is produced domestically in Japan, people will refer to it as “made in Japan.”
What if the place that the item was produced is in Japan, but the people actually performing the work to make the item were not even Japanese?

Sadly, it’s not rare to find many “made in Japan” items that are actually made by people who are not Japanese.
In fact, there are even items that are produced overseas on to which a tag with the words “made in Japan” is simply sewn on to the garment.

At TRORSE LEATHER GARMENTS, we guarantee a truly made in Japan product, with 100% of the sewing, parts assembly, and pattern making performed by Japanese craftspeople.